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Your family's needs have evolved over time, and it's time to update your house. If you need to add on to your current home, remodel the interior to make more rooms, or even design your dream custom home from the ground up, our professional team will guide you through the process from start to finish.

We are an experienced Illinois remodeling firm with a keen eye for detail. Before we begin residential engineering, we consult with you to thoroughly appreciate your remodeling project's vision. Our highest priority is your pleasure, which is why our engineers can manage every part of the project.

House Remodel Contractors

Knowing the distinctions between the different styles and specializations of house renovation contractors is critical, particularly when it comes time for your big remodel. You want to know exactly what each individual has to say and, as a result, what they add to the table.

It is still a good practice to interview prospective home construction contractors. But even most importantly, understanding what you require in terms of the form of a specialist is essential. If you're confused about the various styles of house renovation contractors available, read through the vocabulary and work requirements below.

Restoration Specialist

Occasionally, you will come across contracting companies who advertise that they specialize in restorations. And, although this may be a bit of a broad concept, this category of contractor is usually divided into two types. Either an emergency reconstruction or a historical restoration is needed.

A construction firm, as opposed to a house repair contractor, normally deals with large-scale destruction caused by problems such as a fire or floods. They can remove water and repair smoke pollution. As well as tending to broader systemic problems that have arisen as a consequence of a disaster or crisis.

Home Builder

This is the point at which most homeowners become perplexed. When most people think of an architect, they see an all-encompassing home construction contractor. If you are working with a contractor rather than a design-build firm–more about that in a moment–then this is what they do; their task is to build or remodel the building.

It is necessary to note, though, that a builder does not do design work. They may not have an artist on board who can draw and engineer designs for new buildings or a whole-house remodel. They just do the real construction.

Specialty Tradesman

Contractors working in specialized trades, as the term implies, typically concentrate on one or two main components of the building. A specialist trades firm can specialize in plumbing, heating, or electrical. There are several firms that focus on the structural elements of a new construction or reconstruction. Carpentry, foundations, and the building also design sector specialties.

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